Wild Africa

2014-11-20_08.57.55Well, we finally had a chance to see the animals that Africa is famous for,…  at least some of them.  I will try to get another (more serious) post up in a day or two but for now, this post is dedicated to my grandchildren and anyone else who wants to see some not so wild animals.

This past week we were able to visit a park just outside of Johannesburg and see the animals that are no where to be found (but should be) in the DRC.  If any of you are wondering where they went, the book “King Leopold’s Ghost”, might answer some of your questions.  (I had to stop part of the way through.)  Anyway, on with happy things!  On the afternoon of our last day of the Mission President’s Seminar, we were able to spend some time with the other couples, getting to know the not so wild side of Africa.  We drove through the park, with our windows open, snapping pictures as we went.  It was fun!

2014-11-20_06.38.31There was a group (do you call them a “flock”, a “herd” or something else?) of ostrich moms, with a nursery of babies, frantically eating whatever it is they eat.

2014-11-20_06.44.29Warthogs of course!  Mom wouldn’t win any beauty contests, but her babies sure are cute!

2014-11-20_06.47.28We came upon the zebras next and were surprised how big they were… and beautiful.

2014-11-20_06.55.35There were two types of lions.  The kind most of us picture when we think of lions, is like the one above.  Isn’t he beautiful?!   And he really does remind me of Link, our Leonberger at home.  For those of you who don’t know who Lincoln is, he is one of our dogs/sons that we had to leave in our daughter’s care, while we are here in the DRC.  Leonbergers are a rare dog breed originating in Germany, that were bred to resemble lions, and in the coloring and the mane at least,… they do!  There were three or four males, along with some females and they were not in the least concerned about us in the van.

2014-11-20_07.14.39This one here, as well as the pictures below, are white lions.  We were fortunate that all of the lions were so close.  They were laying on the road actually, and in no hurry to get up and let us pass.  They are certainly not “free” to roam whereever they choose, but they seemed happy enough.

2014-11-20_07.13.50To those of you who know Lincoln, doesn’t this remind you of him just a little?

2014-11-20_07.11.59True Love.  Well, from her side anyway.


These guys made me think of the movie “Lion King”, though they are wild dogs and not hyenas.  They are really not the most attractive animals but it is more the way they act, than look.  I felt like they might just jump in the van window, given the chance.


This red rhino was quite a distance away from us, but was still fun to see.


Okay, I can’t remember what this is called but I really like his horns!


These giraffes were so beautiful and obviously used to people.  They came right over to the fence to get the leaves we were offering them.  The feel of that long grey tongue reminded me of a cow’s tongue, just not quite so spiky.


2014-11-20_08.57.48I thought I would save the best for last.  We happen to be a cat loving family and the boys in our family especially, have always wondered what it would be like to do the following.


These little three month old cubs were fast asleep when we entered their enclosure.  There were three white lion cubs and one white tiger cub, all cuddled up together.  This little guy was the bravest and wanted to play with Brent.  The tiger cub was frightened and didn’t want anything to do with us…. at first!

2014-11-20_07.50.20When the tiger cub saw that the other guy was having some fun, he started trying to get in on the action.


Brent said he could just imagine what those big paws would be capable of doing, but the claws he said, were not near as sharp as our cats at home.

2014-11-20_07.55.23I was hoping to be able to hold one of them, but that was not allowed.  Oh well!  Just being able to touch them was great!

In short, that may be the only time we will be able to see these beautiful animals while we are here in Africa and I do appreciate it.  Wild Africa?  Not really, but it was fun!  You can’t help but feel a little sad that there are none of these animals in our mission, but Hey!…We get to see another kind of wild Africa almost everday, back in the DRC.















































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Mother to six. Grandmother to nine. Dislikes bugs, camping, sitting and waiting. Likes to talk, eat, free agency, peace and order. Loves dogs, dear friends, and family (not necessarily in that order). Grateful for the trust Heavenly Father has in me, to ask me to come here and do this, with the one I love most.
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5 Responses to Wild Africa

  1. marlo brown says:

    oh how fun to see all the animals an the white lion is my favorite along with the zebras love the pictures an your posts


  2. Joy McMullin says:

    Great pictures! I am happy that you had an enjoyable break and saw some animals in Johannesburg.


  3. Kate says:

    How fun and neat that you were able to do this. I have always dreamed of seeing African animals in “the wild.” I showed the girls these pictures and Sis is very envious! She is now begging to pet baby lions. That little tiger is SO cute too. Dad probably could have gotten into it a little more if he was wearing different attire. And yes, that lion did remind me of Linky Lou.


  4. Jessica says:

    Great pictures Mom! As a cat lover I am SO envious of the pets to the babies. Dad rubbing the tiger’s nose reminds me of how he lets our kitties at home. So neat! Love you guys!


  5. I loved this, mom! SO cool that you got to see all those animals and get so close! That white lion was so neat! I have never seen one before. They do remind me of Linky. Aww. Not as gentle, though 🙂 I loved how dad was petting the tiger’s nose the way he always pet the keets. That is really sad that there aren’t any animals in the wild anymore. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know about King Leopold :/ crazy. Anyways, glad you had a fun trip!


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